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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Does my business need a blog?

This is the question a lot of business owners have asked themselves. According to the research the answer is a resounding YES! The reason is because blogs have a number of benefits that businesses cant do without. Blogs drive traffic to your website, they help you get new clients, they help you communicate with existing clients, they help you promote your business and they assist you in terms of search engine optimisation.

How do blogs assist with Search Engine Optimisation?
Search Engines give preference to websites that remain fresh i.e. websites that are constantly publishing new content. If your blog is integrated with your website your blogs will assist in this respect.
When you are writing your blogs you can also use the keywords that you know your clients will use when searching for you in search engines. Creating links on these keywords and linking back to pages within your site are also a big bonus in terms of improving your search engine rankings.

How do blogs increase traffic to your website?
Firstly because blogs increase your search engine ranking they will as a result increase traffic to your site. More importantly though blogs create interest in your site because there will always be something new.
The trick is to keep your blogs light, interesting and short.

How do blogs help you communicate with your clients?
You can use your blogs to promote new items you are selling, new promotions you are running and anything of interest you want to convey to your clients. The nice thing about blogs is that you can also allow your customers to communicate with you by commenting on your blogs.

If you are interested in creating a blog to integrate with your website feel free to contact me.
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  1. How do I go about getting a blog integrated with my website? Can you assist?

  2. We can. I will email you what we need from you in order to create a blog from you and integrate it with your website.

  3. Please send me a quotation to attach a blog to my Panel Beating website.